Alumni Scholarship Fund

Dear Fellow Badgers:

Greetings from the Snow College Alumni Association Board. As a board, our goal is to reconnect alumni and assist the College as it provides an outstanding, one-of-a-kind educational experience for its students. A priority of the Alumni Association Board is the establishment of an Alumni Scholarship Fund to provide scholarships for deserving Snow College students annually. The scholarships will be awarded to students in need who demonstrate academic excellence, character, and commitment.

To commemorate the 125th anniversary of Snow College, we have set a $125,000 goal for the endowment fund. This amount will allow us to fund two scholarships a year from the interest accrued. Once this scholarship is fully funded, Snow College students will benefit every year for generations to come. The scholarship fund will be supported by donations from alumni. Since Snow College has a rich heritage of generational alumni, we are making a special appeal to alumni families. If we can get just 125 familiesor individuals to give a gift or pledge of $1,000, we can easily achieve our goal!

Thank you to the Individuals who have made this legacy commitment

Donations to the scholarship fund of $1,000 or more will be recognized on a special commemorative plaque that will be located on our recognition wall in the beautiful new Karen H. Huntsman Library. This plaque will list the names of the first 125 families and individuals who make this legacy commitment.


As an alumni association, we are sponsoring this scholarship program because we want as many students as possible to have the same great collegiate experience we had. Most of you can relate to the challenges of keeping up with your school assignments, working a part-time job, and finding a way to pay for tuition and books. The Alumni Scholarship Fund is a wonderful opportunity for us to give back to future Snow College alumni by easing the financial burden for a few deserving students each year. 

You can help students excel by making a contribution today. Every gift, regardless of the amount, is needed and greatly appreciated. You can be assured that your gift to the Alumni Scholarship Fund will help students achieve their educational goals.

The Snow College Alumni Association Board invites you to join with us in supporting the Alumni Scholarship Fund. Please remember that no amount is too small and every gift makes a difference. Thank you for your continued support of Snow College and its incredible students. 

Please make your gift today and help support the next generation at Snow College.


Snow College Alumni Association Board

Janet Carlston ‘68
Alton Hansen ‘86
Kerry Day ‘88
Daniel Maynes ‘89
John Willmore ‘89
Brittany Maxfield ‘96
Jeff Olson ‘99


Clifford Whatcott ‘03
Greg Bosshardt ‘04
Shaun Kjar ‘05
Amanda Hinton ‘06
Emilee Kuchenmeister ‘08
Lynn Schiffmann 1992-2009


Learn how your gift makes a difference at Snow College.

The Snow College Foundation is a qualified 501(c)(3) charitable organization. All gifts to the Snow College Foundation may be tax-deductible for taxpayers who itemize their deductions. Please be sure to consult your tax adviser about your specific tax situation.

Feel free to contact the Advancement Team with any questions you might have.

Rosie Connor: 283-7061    Emily Peterson: 283-7072  
Lurlynn Potter:   283-7062