Quick List of Current Business Classes


Social Media Marketing (BUS 1300) Collaborate & Promote on the Web

Introduction to Business (BUS 1010) Explore the Exciting World of Business

Strategic Selling (BUS 1270) Learning to Sell the Sizzle

Entrepreneurship Seminars (BUS 1600) Successful Business Speakers

Personal Finance (BUS 1210) Practical Money Management

Professional Business Leaders (BUS 1700) Network and Travel Conference

Team and Interpersonal Dynamics (BUS 1170) Winning at Work With Others

Business Communication (BUS 2200) Create Professional Business Documents

Business Career Seminar (BUS 1200) Graduation Game Plan and Career Possibilities

Digital Media Tools (BUS 1110) Create and Edit your Own Media

Computer and Technology Applications (BUS 2010) Computer Expertise

Quickbooks for Small Business (BUS 1060) Automated Accounting Concepts for Businesses

Business Law (BUS 2050) Legal "dos and don'ts" for Businesses

Business Computer Proficiency (BUS 2010) Microsoft Business Applications

Financial Accounting (BUS 2010) Financial Preparation and Analysis

Managerial Accounting (BUS 2020) Supervisory Record Preparation