Cosmetology / Barbering / Nail Technology


Cosmetology/Barbering is offered on the Snow College Richfield campus. The course consists of 1,600 hours of instruction and prepares the student to meet requirements for taking the state licensing examination. Students pay regular college tuition plus the cost of books and equipment.

The program covers the beauty services of permanent waving, shampooing, hairstyling, haircutting, clipper cutting, facials, scalp treatments, hair coloring, manicuring and other material essential to being a successful cosmetologist/barber.

To be a licensed cosmetologist/barber in the State of Utah, an applicant must complete 1,600 hours of training in a licensed school of cosmetology/barbering. For the Salon Business Associate of Applied Science Degree, a student must complete 1,600 clock hours as well as GE classes, which can be achieved in approximately five semesters. The number of actual semesters a student spends enrolled in Cosmetology/Barbering for a state license will depend on her/his attendance and starting semester.

One GE course per semester can earn clock hours toward licensing only when they are taken during the time the student is officially enrolled in the cosmetology/barbering classes.

Suggested course outlines are for students who start their cosmetology experience at Snow College on the Richfield Campus. Those who transfer from other schools or who took courses several years previous will need to work out an individualized program with the Cosmetology Department director.


Because of limited space and high demand, in the Cosmetology/Barbering program, students are enrolled through the following procedure: Interested individuals must contact the Snow College Richfield Campus registration office as early as possible and complete a Cosmetology application form (COSMOS Application) in addition to the Snow College Application form (Snow College Application).
Application deadlines are as follows:
Fall Semester………….May 1
Spring Semester………October 1
Summer Semester……April 1

Candidates who have applied for the Cosmetology/Barbering program will be asked to participate in an interview process. Students will then be selected to fill available space. For more details about the selection process, contact the Cosmetology Department at (435) 893-2261 or 893-2202.

A Nail Technology course is also offered, which can be taken for credit or non-credit. This course includes 300 hours of training that is required for state licensure as a nail technician. This can be completed in one semester. There will be three sessions offered each year. Enrollment will be determined on the first come first registered basis. Applications may be received in the registration office. Nail Technology Application
Session schedules: Fall—August,   Spring---January,   Summer---May
If you have any questions concerning the nail technology course call (435) 893-2224