Are you interested in applying for student loans?

At this time 1 out of every 5 students are defaulting on their student loan (national average). To help combat this, and to help us meet new federal regulations, Snow College will now require all students who want a loan to complete a default prevention program. This will be a requirement for all loans for the 2013-14 school year and beyond.

To complete the Default Prevention Program, each student who fills out the following form will be enrolled in a free on-line Canvas class that you'll find at www.Snow.Edu/online. The class does not have very many requirements and shouldn't take too long to complete. Only students who complete this class will be offered a loan.

If you think you might need a loan sometime during the year, fill out the form below. We will enroll you in the class so you can see what will be required. The class will also have good resources that you can access as you plan out the amount of student loans you will accept. The loan will not be offered to you until you complete the class.

The class is in development now but will soon be available. We will notify all students who fill out this form when the class is ready.

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