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Degree Requirements/Learning Outcomes


A student who graduates from Snow College with an AA degree:

1.   has a fundamental knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, with particular emphasis on:

  • American institutions;
  • the social and behavioral sciences;
  • the physical and life sciences;
  • the humanities;
  • the fine arts;
  • and personal wellness;

2.   can read, retrieve, evaluate, interpret, and deliver information using a variety of traditional and electronic media;

3.   can speak and write effectively and respectfully as a member of the global community, and work effectively as a member of a team;

4.   can reason quantitatively in a variety of contexts;

5.   can respond with informed sensitivity to an artistic work or experience;

6.   can reason analytically, critically, and creatively about nature, culture, facts, values, ethics, and civic policy;

7.   can address complex problems by integrating the knowledge and methodologies of multiple disciplines.

8.   can speak, read, and write a foreign language with basic proficiency.