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Learning Outcomes Related to the Associate of Pre-engineering Degree

Students who are awarded the A.P.E. degree will satisfactorily complete a minimum of 62 credit hours including a minimum of 31 credits in general education, and will be able to demonstrate that they:

1. Have a working knowledge of the theories and principles of physics in the areas of Newtonian mechanics, gravitation, electricity and magnetism, wave motion and physical optics.

2. Be acquainted with standard methods of mathematical analysis including trigonometry and analytic geometry, differential and integral calculus, matrices and linear algebra, and the solutions to differential equations.

3. Understand the role of chemistry in our physical and biological environment as it pertains to atomic and molecular structure, the laws of thermodynamics and how energy is exchanged between systems.

4. Can work effectively in a group to accomplish an objective, and make a significant contribution to its outcome.

5. Can combine the knowledge of physics and chemistry, together with the analytical skills of mathematics to find solutions to technical problems that benefit society.

6. Can use the computer to store and process technical data, to access information remotely over the internet, and as a computational tool related to the engineering process.

7. Feel an appreciation for the physical world and the laws that govern it.

8. Enjoy the beauty of mathematics and elegance of physical theories.

9. Appreciate the importance of professional ethics as practiced by engineers as they apply their knowledge and skills to serve society.