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Learning Outcomes Related to the Associate of Science Business

Students who are awarded the A.S.B. degree will satisfactorily complete a minimum of 63 hours including the Business Core (see page 55) and a minimum of 31 credits in general education excluding those filled by the Business core, and will be able to demonstrate that they:

1. Read effectively, constructively, and critically.

2. Write clearly, informatively, and persuasively.

3. Speak effectively in a variety of contexts.

4. Retrieve, evaluate, interpret, and deliver information through a variety of traditional and electronic media.

5. Apply a cultural and historical awareness to a variety of phenomena.

6. Apply computational skills to a variety of contexts.

7. Apply scientific reasoning to a variety of contexts.

8. Apply ethical reasoning to a variety of contexts.

9. Respond with informed sensitivity to an artistic work or experience.

10. Apply personal-fitness and wellness-management principles to lifestyle choices.