Honors Graduation Requirements

Snow College Honors students take 12 credit hours of Honors classes to graduate with honors. Many of these classes also meet General Education requirements, which means that graduating with honors does not require students to take extra classes. Many students take one Honors Class per semester.



Core Honors Classes (6 hours) All honors students should take




English 2014 Intermediate Composition: Honors Thesis
(This class replaces English 2010 in the General Education requirements)

  English 2150 Intellectual Traditions of the West - Ancient World
English 2160 Intellectual Traditions of the West - Modern World
(These classes fulfill Fine Arts or Humanities General Education requirements)

Other Honors Classes (6 hours)

  Biology 2100 Honors Biology: Study of Biological Thought
  Communication 1020 Honors Public Speaking
  Geology 2100 Honors Natural Science Seminar
(This course taken with Physics 2100 fulfills the Physical Science General Education Requirement)
Math 2100 Honors Math: History of Math
Physics 2100 Honors Physics: History of Physical Science
(This course taken with Geology 2100 fulfills the Physical Science General Education Requirement)
  Physics 2105 Honors Physical Science Laboratory


Political Science 1100 Honors American National Government
[Sections taught by Scott Wyatt only]
(This class fulfills the American Institutions General Education requirement)




Other Classes
Many semesters, the Honors Program offers other one-time honors classes. Consult the list of honors classes for the current semester for details.











* Students may petition the Honors Committee for substitutions such as English 2160 for English 2150 or a science 2800 Special Projects class for English 2014.