Section 6



  1. The Student must pay the $50 Application Fee and $200 reservation fee when applying for housing.  The Application Fee is not refundable.  The Reservation Fee may be refunded only as outlined in Section 8 of this Agreement.
  2. The Student agrees to be on a payment plan or paid in full, before the end of the 21st day of each semester. Failure to do so may result in, but is not limited to the following; administrative action, eviction, registration hold, etc.
  3. The Student is responsible to contact the campus Cashier’s Office prior to these payment deadlines to resolve any issues or concerns related to payment.
  4. See Residence Life website for room rate details at  
  5. The Residence Hall housing $200 Reservation Fee must be paid upon application. The Reservation Fee will be applied to the Student’s account during the 4th week of the semester for Fall Only, Spring Only and Summer Only contracts. For Academic Year contracts, the Reservation Fee will be applied during the 4th week of the spring semester.
  6. The Student agrees that in the event of damage to the common areas of the building where he/she resides, including, but not limited to; stairwells, hallways, windows, doors, laundry rooms, etc., where the responsible party is not identified, it will be the financial obligation of all the building’s occupants to reimburse the College for the costs incurred to repair.
  7. If Student is not accepted for housing the reservation fee will be returned with notification of non-acceptance.
  8. If any monies/deposits/reservation fees are refunded or returned, the monies will be sent to the Student’s account.