Resident Assistant Scholarships

Snow College is offering all students an opportunity to apply for a leadership scholarship.

In addition to a scholarship, students might also be a part of a Snow College leadership team where you could gain significant leadership training. If chosen you will also have the opportunity to provide valuable service to your fellow students living in the on-campus Residence Halls. Resident Assistants encourage healthy successful living environments through the use of example and programming. This is one of the most influential student leadership positions one can have while at Snow College which will also assist in propelling students forward towards successful futures.



The Leadership Scholarship deadline for ALL students is February 7.

    Pick up an application at the Office of Residence Life or print one

All students interested in becoming a Resident Assistant must:

  1. Be a full-time student at Snow College
  2. Have completed 10 or more college credits.
  3. Turn in a completed application to the Office of Residence Life before February 7.
  4. Sign up for a group process.

Scholarship includes:

  1. Free private room in a Residence Hall ($1200 per semester)
  2. Free meal card ($200-$450 depending on building assignment) each semester
  3. $350 scholarship for the Academic Year

Contact Scott Mathie by phone at 435.283.7152 or by email at