Students must come fully prepared to meet the necessary financial obligations for the full time they will be in the United States. It is estimated that each student will need at least $18,300* per academic year (9 months). This does not include the cost of travel. Below are estimated costs (subject to change without notice):

  • Tuition and fees (9 months) $12,400  This price is for one full year, two (2) semesters, 24 credits of undergraduate tuition and fees. 
  • Living Expenses (estimate) $4,500
  • ESL fees, books, and supplies (estimate) $1,400

 Total $18,300


Presently, there are no loans available for international students. International students are eligible to apply for any academic and departmental scholarships, or the International Student Endowment Scholarship. Students may also find employment on campus at a minimum wage but may not work more than twenty (20) hours per week. Off-campus work is not permitted during the first year of study. In order for students to be issued an I-20 form, they must make a statement concerning their financial intentions for the entire time they plan to study at Snow College. I-20s will be issued to students after students have received official acceptance. Students will be notified of their acceptance when an I-20 is sent to them.



* prices are estimates


Snow College International Center, Humanities Building, 220 E 100 N * Ephraim, UT 84627 USA