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There are three affordable housing options:

Dormitories (On-Campus Housing) (available only during Fall & Spring semesters):
Apartments with cooking facilities: This is a three-bedroom apartment with area for cooking and socializing.
You may choose a private bedroom or share your bedroom with another student:
-Private bedroom - $1,250.00 per semester, includes a $150 meal card.
-Shared bedroom - $1,000.00 per semester, includes a $150 meal card.
Sleep-Study: This is simply a bedroom with two beds, desks, and closets. There is no cooking facility. All meals must be eaten in the cafeteria.
- Private bedroom - $850.00 per semester plus meal plan* (required);
- Shared bedroom - $600.00 per semester plus meal plan* (required).

*Meal plan: Meal card balances on any required plan do not roll over from the Fall to Spring Semester. All meal card balances default to zero at the end of the Spring Semester. There are two choices:
Plan A- $950/semester: This plan provides three all-you-can-eat evening meals each week and $500 to be used as a la carte purchases in the Badger Den or library services.
Plan B- $950/semester: This is an a la carte plan. It works just like a debit card. Prices of food items are deducted from the balance each time a student makes a purchase. The remaining balance is shown on all receipts.

Deposit: $250.00 ($200.00 refundable per contract conditions upon fulfillment of housing contract.)
Contract Obligation: Academic School Year (or remainder). Dormitories are not available during the summer.
Placement Fee: None
Deadline to Apply: Housing placement begins in February each year. Students must complete their application online.
You can find this application online at
Your application is not complete until we have received your signature page and housing deposit. We advise students to apply as soon as possible. When sending payment through the mail, please fax a copy of the signature page and check to one of the following numbers:
International Center: (435) 283-7438
Housing Office: (435) 283-7284

Deadline to Cancel: Cancellations must be made within two weeks after the contract is received.
If you decide you do not want to live in the dormitories after you arrive and after you have already checked into your room, you must sell your contract to another student and receive a clearance from the Housing Office or you may not receive a refund of your deposit.

Off-Campus Student Apartments:

Apartments: Off-campus housing complexes charge between $1,600.00 and $2,200.00 per academic school year, depending on the complex.
-Most complexes give a discount to students who pay their rent in advance for the entire academic school year (Fall Semester and Spring Semester).
-Some complexes include the cost of utilities (water, gas and electricity) in the cost for rent, while other apartments charge separately for these expenses. Please read all contracts thoroughly.
-Students are responsible for their own telephone and cable-TV charges.
-Private bedrooms are more expensive.
-Rent is reduced for the summer session.

Deposit: $250.00 (partially refundable, depending on the complex.
Placement Fee: $100.00 nonrefundable
Contract Obligation: Academic School Year (Fall & Spring semesters); Summer Session.
Deadline to Apply: Two weeks prior to the start of a new session. The earlier you apply the better for placement.
* Deadline to Cancel: Same as for On-Campus Housing contracts.
Option 1 (Room and Board): $400.00 per month (includes room and three meals/day)
Option 2 (Room Only - Private): $350.00 per month (no meals included)
Option 3 (Room Only - Shared): $250.00 per month (no meals included)

Deposit: $200.00 (partially refundable, per host family contract; forwarded to host family after arrival)
Placement fee: $100.00 nonrefundable
Contract Obligation: One Semester; Summer Session
Deadline to Apply: Two weeks prior to start of a new session.
Deadline to Cancel: One week prior to arrival to receive a full refund of your deposit. If you do not cancel before arrival date, you will not receive a refund of your deposit.

Send all housing application forms, along with deposits, and fees to:

Becky Adams, Housing Placement Officer
Snow College International Center
150 East College Avenue
Ephraim, Utah 84627 U. S. A.

e-mail :
Money must be in U.S. funds and can be paid by either an international money order or bank check payable to Snow College.



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Snow College International Center, Humanities Building, 220 E 100 N * Ephraim, UT 84627 USA