Step 3

1.  Once we send you the I-20, apply for your F-1 Visa early.

2.  Pay the $200 SEVIS fee. 

  • Go to click on the Proceed to I-901 Form and Payment. 
  • Check I-20 and select "OK" Fill out the application (The SEVIS ID # is located on the I-20 sent with your acceptance letter).  
  • Print out a receipt

3.  Make an appointment at the embassy/consulate

4.  Take all required documents to the embassy/consulate
  • I-20 from issuing school
  • I-901
  • Receipt for payment of visa application
  • Financial documents
  • IELP Letter of Acceptance/Housing Reservation


  • Visa application forms
  1. DS-156 form
  2. DS-157 form (Males only, ages 16-45)
  3. DS-158 form (may not be necessary, ask the embassy in your country)
For information on how to enter the U.S. in F-1 Status click here.


Step 4
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