VISA Interview Suggestions
               1. Be clear and specific, but do not memorize a speech. The officers want you to be honest

               2. Take evidence that you plan to return home after your studies in the U.S. for example
                      a. A letter from a government or business stating a job offer.
                      b. A letter from your employer stating that your job will be held and that English will be used for future employment.
                      c. Documents that show land ownership or a family business.
                      d. A copy of a brother/sister’s diploma if they studied in the U.S. show their passport.
                      e. If close family members have important positions in the government, education, or business you can bring supporting documents.

               3. You should be ready to discuss your plans for the future. Be prepared to answer these two questions:
                      a. Why do you need to go to the United States to study English?
                      b. Why did you choose to go to Snow College (Ephraim, Utah).