Outdoor Leadership & Entrepreneurship


Where is your education taking YOU?  

With the Outdoor Leadership & Entrepreneurship Fall Immersion Experience "YOU will go places".  Experience YOUR Education!  

What is the Fall Immersion Experience?

The Immersion Experience is a unique opportunity for hands-on learning.  You will take 13 credits as a cohort with the other Outdoor Leadership and Entrepreneurship students.  This allows us to spend a significant amount of time in the field experiencing outdoor leadership and entrepreneurship firsthand – we will spend time in and around Moab, Kanab, the west desert mountains, and northern Utah mountains and many, many other great outdoor venues.  The Great Basin Environmental Education Center (GBEEC) will serve as our classroom and base of operations for several of the student-led trips and opportunities during the Immersion Experience.  The Immersion Experience will help you gain the necessary outdoor skills, certifications, and experiences to make you marketable and successful in the outdoor industry.  The Immersion Experience will provide opportunities for you to see and learn first-hand regarding the planning, execution, and evaluation phases of outdoor related trips, goods, and services.

When does the Immersion Experience take place?

The Immersion Experience is the first eight weeks of fall semester.  Each week will be different, but generally classes will begin Monday morning and end Friday afternoon.  There will be occasional times that we will be out over a weekend.

What classes are part of the Immersion Experience?

Introduction to Outdoor Leadership

OLE 1000


Outdoor Leadership Business and Careers

OLE 1010


Wilderness First Responder

OLE 1542


Outdoor Skills

OLE 2000


Outdoor Leadership Professional Skill Development

OLE 2100


Expedition Leadership

OLE 2200


Fitness for Life*

PE 1096


Due to the nature of how the Immersion Experience works you will need to register for all the courses.

What if I have already taken fitness for life?

Fitness for life is the one exception, if you have already taken fitness for life you will not need to register for it again.

Can I take other courses if I take the Immersion Experience?

You should not take any other classes during the first eight weeks of fall semester when the Immersion Experience takes place.  However there are several options for classes during the second half or last eight weeks of the fall semester (check with your advisor to see what courses will work best for you and meet your needs).

What trainings and certifications are included in the immersion experience?

We utilize several nationally recognized curriculums from Stonehearth Open Learning Opportunities, The Leave No Trace Center For Outdoor Ethics, and The Wilderness Education Association as well as several state and regional curriculums.  The following are just some of the trainings or certifications that are included in the Immersion Experience.
Food handlers permit
Wilderness First Responder
Leave No Trace Master Educator 
Guide and Outfitter Training
And many other opportunities

How many people can participate in the Immersion Experience?

Space is limited to 12 students

Do I have to be an Outdoor Leadership student to take the Immersion Experience?

No, as long as you are a student at Snow College, anyone and everyone is welcome to be part of the Immersion Experience.

Are there additional fees for the Immersion Experience?

The Immersion Experience course fee is $1500…  but that $1500 is all inclusive.  That means that it covers food, lodging, transportation, books and class supplies, certification fees, group equipment, and participant fees (like whitewater rafting and zip lining etc) for the entire eight weeks.  It does not cover personal equipment and items – although some personal equipment is available for rent for a nominal fee.  Just the Certification fees can cost well over $1000 if you took them some else.

Where will I live during the Immersion Experience?

By the end of the eight weeks of the Immersion Experience you will have spent a significant amount of time in some of the most beautiful places on Earth – this is what we will consider home. When we are not out on trips, the GBEEC will be our home for the Immersion Experience Monday through Friday.  There is a kitchen facility where we will eat family style (hence the food handlers permits).  There are also separate living spaces for male and female students.  You may choose to stay at the GBEEC during weekends (you will be responsible for your own food), or you may choose to have a dorm in Ephraim so that you will be ensured a place to stay during the second half of fall semester. 

Am I going to have a good time?

That will be up to you.  However there will not be very many opportunities that you will get to have so many great experiences with a small group of people who will probably become some of your best friends like you will with the Outdoor Leadership & Entrepreneurship Immersion Experience!!

What if I have more questions or need more information?

Contact Whitney Ward. 

For further questions please contact:

Snow College Outdoor Leadership
150 East College Avenue
Ephraim, Ut