Beyond Snow

Your Future Starts Here!

Snow College has developed this resource to assist you in your educational and professional development without having to leave the Central Utah area.

Snow College has partnerships in particular programs with Southern Utah University, Utah State University, Weber State University, University of Utah, and American Public University.  We call it “Beyond Snow”!

Students of all types (current or past) and with varying levels of Associate degree completion (partial or full) are encouraged to maximize coursework that can be taken at Snow College with a lower tuition cost and greater convenience. 
    *If you have not yet earned your Associate degree, “Beyond Snow” will guide your next steps as you move forward in achieving your higher educational dreams and aspirations. 

    *If you have earned your Associate degree, “Beyond Snow” will provide the connections for specific Bachelor degree programs offered in the Central Utah area.
Clicking on the “Beyond Snow” link below will open a matrix with occupational groups across the top and educational programs listed on the left side.  Clicking on an “X” opens a page giving specific information about that program.  So, first choose which occupational group (column) fits you.  For example, if you are interested in Business, find it across the top and click on the “X”s in that column.  Or, look at a degree on the left that reflects your interests, such as Accounting, and click on the “X”s going across for more information.

Beyond Snow

Exploring your options is the beginning of a plan for pursuing educational goals and improving your future.  Snow College is ready and willing to assist you!

If you have questions about “Beyond Snow”, please call Heather Boren in the Office of Academic Affairs at 435-283-7300.