Badger Web Registration

  1. Web Registration Instructions
    1. Obtain your BADGER ID number and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) from the Registration or Advisement Offices, so that you can access “Badger Web” ( BADGER Web Registration). Please keep these numbers secure so that no one can access your records and violate your privacy. You are able to access your file, check your schedule and obtain grade information through “Badger Web”.
  2. Access the system before your scheduled registration date and make sure you have the correct PIN. Your PIN will begin as your 6 digit birthdate, (mm/dd/yy) but you may be required to change it the first time you access the system. Also check for any holds that may prevent you from registering on time.
  3. Gain access to “Badger Web” (Registration) by following these listed instructions:
      • Click on “ Students”
      • Click on “Registration”
      • Click on “Log on to the Badger Web System” (you can look at the current course schedule here.)
      • Click on “Enter Secure Area”
      • Enter Badger ID number. You will need to get this number from Advisement or Registration prior to your priority registration date. You can enter your SSN as your ID, but to keep your information private, we encourage the use of your Badger ID.
      • Enter your PIN, which is your 6 digit birthdate (mmddyy) the first time you access the system.
      • Click “Student Services and Financial Aid”
      • Click “Registration”
      • Click “Select Term” You can now click “Look up classes” to Add or if you know the CRN (Course Reference Number) you could go directly to Add/Drop classes. Click “Add/drop Classes”
      • After adding classes, click “Submit” AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE
      • Make sure you click “Exit” in the upper right hand corner and then Logoff the system by checking “Exit” a second time.

    Veterans Benefit Recipients
    Students who qualify and expect to receive veterans benefits must notify the VA Coordinator in GSC 207 as soon as they have completed registration each semester so enrollment may be certified to the VA. Any changes in program (adding or withdrawing classes) must be reported to the VA Coordinator immediately.