Sociology Courses

SOC 1010: Principles of Sociology (3 credits)
Introductory class for sociology. Topics include socialization, culture, groups, deviance, race & ethnicity, gender, religion, politics, etc. Students can expect to gain an understanding of the major sociological perspectives, theories, & research that help us understand how social forces affect individuals on a daily basis.  A major goal is to help students see and understand the relationship between their own personal life events and events in larger society.

SOC 1020: Modern Social Problems (3 Credits)
This course presents an introduction to current social problems in America and the world (violence & crime, drug abuse, prejudice, health, sexual issues, gender issues, population issues, war, etc.). Students can expect to critically examine these topics using sociological principles and theories.


Sociology Faculty

Michael Brenchley

Kerry Hansen

Sociology Major Guide