Steve Zollinger, MA

Instructor of Mathematics

Mathematics Department

Office: Noyes ℵ2

  • MA Math Ed - Western Governors University
  • BS Math Ed w/ CS Ed Minor - Utah State University
  • BS Math w/ CS Minor - Utah State University
About Me:
Besides my deep love for math, I am also an active practitioner in two traditional Japanese martial arts: aikido and iaido. Feel free to check out our dojo website for more info and pics (

Music is another hobby of mine. I play a few instruments (piano, trombone, trumpet, baritone), and I love to dabble in singing and dancing (swing and ballroom mostly) as well.

Programming, gaming, playing most sports, reading (science fiction / fantasy mostly), and watching great and often weird movies also claim a lot of my free time.

By far, my favorite pass-time is to chill with my wife, Jenny, and our two sons, Connor and Quinlan. We've been living in Ephraim since June 2011, and we love it here!

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
4:30-5:30   Fall 2014
7:30-8:30   0990 N110 0990 N110 0990 N110 0990 N110
8:30-9:30   Office Office Office Office Office
9:30-10:30   0990 N120
10:30-11:30   1030 N140
2:30-3:30   1050 Sc327 1050 Sc327 1050 Sc327 1050 Sc327

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