Activity Center Policies

Pool Rules

1. No running on deck
2. No diving in the shallow end
3. No gum ever in the pool
4. No flotation devices in the deep end (unless for a class)
5. No shoulders (chicken fights)
6. No inflatable tubes unless being used by an infant with direct parental supervision &
7. Everyone must have a wrist band (unless part of a class or team)
8. No flips from the side of the pool (diving board is okay)
9. No splashing the lifeguard on purpose (one warning only)
10. If you are too rough, you will be asked to stop
11. You must be able to swim the width of the pool unassisted to be in the deep end
12. No swimming under the diving boards or in the way of those using the boards
13. Lifejackets must be worn properly at all times
14. Children not potty-trained must wear three layers of protection in order to swim
15. Instructions by the lifeguard must be obeyed at all times

 Diving Board Rules

1. No hanging on the Boardswimming.jpg
2. You must jump or step off
3. No handstands, cartwheels, sitting, or hitting your bottom on the board
4. Only one person on the board at a time, including the ladder
5. You must jump straight off the end of the board, not off the sides
6. You must swim to the side closest to you after you jump off the board
7. You can not catch someone who is jumping off the board
8. Only one bounce is allowed on the diving board
9. You may not jump off the board with goggles or a mask
10. You must wait for the person before you to get back to the side before you jump
11. No splashing the lifeguard on purpose (one warning only)

Children not potty-trained

Snow College Activity Center Swimming Pool requires 3 layers for children not potty-trained. To minimize the time we have to close the pool due to exposure to fecal matter, it is required to dress all children that are not potty-trained with three layers of protection (swim diaper, swim diaper cover, swimsuit). State law requires these three layers for everyone’s safety. The reusable swim diapers may be purchased at Issue Room for $5.50. Thanks for your cooperation.