Activity Center Policies

Racquetball Rules

The Horne Activity Center houses 3 racquetball courts. These courts may also be set up to play wally ball.
Racquets, racquetballs, and goggles as well as wally ball equipment are available at the issue room.
Anyone under the age of 13 must have adult supervision.


To operate in a fun, fair, and safe environment, our racquetball courts are open on a reservation basis. If a court is open upon arrival, simply reserve it with the staff at the Issue Room Desk. You can reserve a court at the top of the hour for one hour. If your hour is up and you want to play longer come out and check to see if someone has reserved it. If it isn’t reserved you can reserve it for another hour. The maximum number of reservations in a row is two. Patrons may reserve a court up to twenty-four hours in advance by leaving a name and best contact number. All reservations will be forfeited after ten minutes. Reservations are tracked by our staff on the board at the issue room.


Eyewear Patrons are strongly encouraged to wear protective eyewear when playing racquetball. Eye protection is available for checkout at the issue room, and is required for anyone who borrows a Horne Activity Center racquet. Collateral must be left for items checked out of issue room.
Racquets Patrons are able to check out racquetball racquets from the issue room. Anytime items are checked out from issue room you must leave collateral.
Shoes In helping to preserve the courts, all participants are asked to wear non-marking athletic shoes. Running shoes, athletic sandals, water footwear, hiking and cowboy boots, or any other shoe not designed for exercise use, are inappropriate for the racquetball courts.
Water Is restricted from racquetball courts both for your safety and to protect the wood flooring.

For any items checked out of from the Horne Activity Center issue room collateral must be left.
Collateral can be a driver’s license or student id. For children a hat or shoe is acceptable.