Fitness Center Rules

1. All Patrons using the facility must check in at the Issue Room and must wear a wrist band at all times.
2. Patrons must be 16 years old or older to use the Fitness Center.
3. Only capped, spill proof water bottles are allowed. (NO gum, food, or other drinks are permitted.)
4. Slamming or dropping weight equipment is not tolerated.
5. Offensive or hostile language and/or swearing is not allowed anywhere in the Horne Activity Center.
6. Please do not spit on or around any equipment in the facility, use a garbage can.
7. All equipment is first come first served. During peak times there is a 30-minute time limit on cardio equipment. Please do not do multiple sets on weight machines during busy times.
8. Please do not block or rest on machines.
9. Workout clothes including athletic shoes and shirt must be worn at all times. (No open toed shoes or sandals are allowed.) Jeans are allowed only during class times, all oth-er times workout clothes must be worn.
10.If there is a problem with one of the machines please let the Issue Room worker know.
11.Music may be give to Issue Room staff to play, but if there are any complaints the music will be shut off. Music must not be offensive, swear, or use any hostile language