Registration Information

If you would like to take this class you will need to go online and get admitted (get a banner #).
This only has to be done once. See information below for instructions.

Admission to Snow College (This only has to be done once)

Non-Credit Registration Instructions
(How to get a Badger # and register for a class)

To get a Badger #

Go to
Click Apply Now (under New Student)
Click Apply (top center)
Click Workshops and Camps (2nd box from the bottom)
Click the appropriate term
Fill out the personal information
Pay application fee
You will receive an email with your Snow College Badger #

To register for a workshop

Go to
Click login
Enter your User ID (Badger ID #)
Enter your PIN
Click Student services
Click Registration
(If a page comes up asking for your major you must answer the yes /no questions top and bottom of the page and select a major. You can select CM or whatever major you want. You cannot go on until you do this)
Click Open Class List รจ Ephraim
Select correct semester
Go down to the CM classes and write down the CRN# for the workshop you want
(the CRN# is the number to the left of the class title)
Hit the back arrow until you get back to the registration page
Click Add/Drop Classes
Use the CRN# to register for the class you are interested in

Things to watch for:

When it asks you “Admit as” choose Camp/Workshop (not new or returning student).

When you register there will be a non-credit registration and material fees. These fees also help cover some of the instructor(s) expenses.