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LPN Learning Outcomes

Students who complete the Practical Nursing program at Snow College will demonstrate that they:

  1. Apply basic principles from the biological and behavioral sciences and nursing theory to determine nursing actions for individuals and their families in a variety of health care settings.
  2. Participate as a mid-level member of a nursing team assigned to complete patient assessments, including planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care to assist clients of all ages to meet their functional needs.
  3. Safely implement evidence-based psychomotor skills within the LPN scope of practice.
  1. Use effective communication skills with clients, family members, and health team members.
  1. Provide health education for individuals, families, and peers within the LPN scope of practice.
  1. Demonstrate concern for sociocultural and spiritual values when interacting with clients and health team members in a variety of settings. 
  1. Display responsibility and accountability for his/her nursing care utilizing ethical and legal principles within the LPN scope of practice.
  1. Select appropriate goals for continued self-growth and vocational mobility to achieve his/her full potential.
  1. Provide service to classmates, clients, families, community, and health team members.



Program outcomes are developed as performance indicators to provide evidence that the PN program is meeting the mission and goals established by the nursing program. The Program outcomes are measured by NCLEX pass rates, program completion, job placement rates, graduate satisfaction and employer satisfaction. The PN program utilizes the ACEN Standards and Criteria (2013 edition) to demonstrate evidence of achievement in meeting the program outcomes.

The program outcomes include the following:

Outcome 1: The Snow College NCLEX-PN pass rate for the LPN program will meet or exceed 80% for all first-time test-takers.

Outcome 2: A minimum of 80 percent of students will graduate from the Snow College LPN program 1½ times the length of the program.

Outcome 3:  At least 50% of program graduates will be employed within six to twelve months after graduation.

Outcome 4:  At least 75% of program graduates will continue their education within six to twelve months after graduation.