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Networking Basics

Division: Business and Applied Tech

Department: Information Technology

Course: CIS 1130

Title: Networking Basics

Description: Students will learn about the importance and networking in a digital world, and be introduced to network essentials required in many business functions today including business critical data and operations, cybersecurity, and much more. Students will learn to install a home and small business network, develop basic network troubleshooting skills, and recognize network threats and basic mitigation techniques.

Courses Taught Spring 2023

1130-N50Taught OnlineMedley, Michael P.

Courses Taught Fall 2023

1130-V01Taught OnlineMedley, Michael P.
1130-NE1Taught OnlineMedley, Michael P.
1130-N50Taught OnlineMedley, Michael P.
1130-300MWF10:30 am-12:30 pmMedley, Michael P.
1130-310MWF10:30 am-12:30 pmMedley, Michael P.