Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

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The Spring 2017 IVC schedule is posted. Counselors and/or facilitators should let their Snow academic advisor or Doug Johnson know as soon as possible which Spring IVC courses they would like to make available to their students. (Students enrolled in year-long classes taught face-to-face at their high schools do not need to re-enroll in those classes for Spring.)

Online registration for Spring classes will open:

  • Monday, November 7, for students with 30+ earned Snow College credits (“earned” credits means that a grade has been received),
  • Monday, November 14, for student with from 0 to 29 earned Snow College credits (this includes students who have zero earned Snow College credits, but are enrolled in at least one Snow College course during the current semester), and
  • Monday, November 28, for students with zero earned credits and not presently enrolled in a Snow College course.

Spring semester classes begin on Wednesday, January 4.

Students cannot enroll themselves online in a Hybrid section. High school counselors must submit a Hybrid Class Request Form in order to enroll a student. Students should meet with their counselors to plan a location and period in their high school schedules in order to watch the lectures on a regular schedule. Multiple students in the same Hybrid class at a high school do not need to schedule the same period to watch recordings. Hybrid section assignments will have the same due dates and times as the live IVC section from which the lecture is recorded.


Get Started 

  1. The course offerings listed by high school are for Spring 2017 and show the courses each high school has decided it wants to make available to its students. If your high school is not listed, your high school counselor or IVC facilitator needs to let Snow College which courses are to be offered at your school. Class starting times are not listed for face-to-face courses; students should check their high school's schedule for face-to-face class days and times. Class times (days of the week and start/end times) are listed for IVC classes.
  2. Students should write down the four-digit CRN of the course(s) they would like to take and use the CRN(s) to enroll in each course online in Badger Web. 

    Course info will be listed here...

  3. Students who are not yet Snow College students, but would like to take concurrent enrollment courses Spring 2017, can start the process by applying to be a Snow College student.

Chat with a Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisor Live!



Need Assistance? Contact the Academic Advisor for your school.

Doug Johnson (temporary)
(435) 262-7269
email address for this person

Landon Peterson
(435) 619-9928
email address for this person

John Van Orman
(435) 690-9401
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  • Carbon
  • Dugway
  • Emery
  • Grantsville
  • Lighthouse
  • Manila
  • Merit Academy
  • North Summit
  • Rich
  • South Summit
  • Stansbury
  • Tooele
  • Utah Virtual Academy
  • Wasatch
  • Delta
  • Eskdale
  • Millard
  • North Sevier
  • Richfield
  • South Sevier
  • Tintic
  • West Desert
  • Beaver
  • Copper Hills
  • Milford
  • Pine View
  • Virgin Valley
  • West Jordan
  • North Sanpete
  • Gunnsion
  • Manti
  • Piute
  • Wayne
  • American Heritage
  • East Hollywood
  • Itineris
  • Kanab
  • Lake Powell School
  • Mana Academy
  • Terra Academy
  • Utah Military Academy
  • Valley
  • Vanguard Academy
  • Weber Innovation
  • Juab
  • Bryce Valley
  • Escalante
  • Panguitch



For further questions please contact:

Snow College Concurrent Enrollment
150 College Avenue
Ephraim, UT 84627

Doug Johnson, director
office: (435) 283-7320
cell: (435) 262-7269
email address for this person

Cathy Beal, IVC  
office: (435) 283-7080
cell:  (435) 851-0461
email address for this person

Bree Olsen, IVC
office: (435) 283-7381
cell: (435) 262-9661
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Chrissy Ray, registration
office: (435) 283-7142
fax: (435) 283-7149
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