Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment

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Counselors: please make sure you have submitted "Sophomore by Exception Request Forms" and "Hybrid Class Request Forms" as needed for your sophomores and Hybrid class students. Students will be dropped from class rolls on May 25 if proper request forms have not been submitted online.


Contract - The new district contract for 2016-17 is posted. Each school district or charter school must complete and submit a contract. Completed contracts must be submitted by Snow College by May 30. 

Students who want to take concurrent enrollment courses this summer or fall must first be Snow College students. If you have never applied to Snow College you can apply online by clicking here. There is a $30 application fee which it will ask you to pay online at the end of the application process. Make sure to select the first term you want to take classes -- either Summer 2016 or Fall 2016 -- and make sure to select your student type as "Concurrent Enrollment." If you have questions or problems with applying, you can watch a short instructional video here

Online registration for Fall courses is open. Students should enroll in IVC classes now as some classes are filling up quickly. Students can see which IVC classes are offered at their schools by selecting their school on the drop-down listing below under Get Started

The Fall 2016 IVC schedule is posted. Facilitators should let Cathy Beal know in which classrooms they will be receiving each IVC class. 

CRNs for classes taught face-to-face at each high school are shown in each school's drop down menu below. Students can enroll in Fall or Year-Long classes taught at their high schools by using the correct CRN. Students can enroll online in face-to-face classes between now and August 31.


Snow College offers the following four concurrent enrollment courses during Summer term on IVC. High schools should let us know if they want to offer any of the courses to their students: 

 ENGL 2200 Intro to Literature  HFST 1500 Human Development

CRN:  3219    Section:  400
Credit Hours:  3.00
Begins / Ends: May 31 /  July 28
Days:  TWR   Time:  1:00pm - 3:00pm
Instructor:  David Allred

Offered at: Juab, Weber Innov, Beaver

CRN:  3218    Section:  400
Credit Hours:  3.00
Begins / Ends: May 31 /  July 28
Days:  TR       Time:  1:00pm - 3:30pm
Instructor:  Kim Cragun

Offered at: Juab, Itineris, Weber Innov, Tintic, Beaver

 HIST 1700 American Civilization**  POLS 1100 American National Gov’t

CRN:  3189     Section:  400
Credit Hours:  3.00
Begins / Ends:  May 31 /  July 28
Days:  MW     Time:  9:30am - 11:55am
Instructor:  Mike Brenchley

Offered at: Juab, Tintic, North Sanpete

CRN:  3220     Section:  400
Credit Hours:  3.00
Begins / Ends:  May 31 /  June 30
Days:  TWR     Time:  9:00am - 11:30am
Instructor:  Brad Young

Offered at: Juab, Itineris, Weber Innov, Rich

 (**NOTE: HIST 1700 does not satisfy

high school History graduation requirement.)

Students, you must check with your counselor or facilitator to make sure your school will be offering the class that you want.

Summer term courses are non-contractual concurrent enrollment meaning there will be no payment from the state for these courses. Tuition is the same as during the regular school year - $5 per credit hour.

Please ask the Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisor assigned to your school if you have any questions.

Registration is open for Summer courses for students currently in their Junior or Sophomore year in high school. Students who have graduated from high school at the time a course begins are not eligible to take concurrent enrollment courses. Students can register for courses online. Register for a class by logging into Badger Web or fill out a paper Add Form and give to your counselor.


Spring IVC classes ended on Monday, April 25. Classes being taught face-to-face at high schools will meet according to the high school's calendar. 



Get Started 

  1. The course offerings listed by high school are for Fall 2016 and show the courses each high school has decided it wants to make available to its students. IVC and face-to-face courses are listed for each school. Class times are not listed for face-to-face courses; students should check their high school's schedule for face-to-face class days and times. Class times (days of the week and start/end times) are listed for IVC classes.
  2. Students should write down the four-digit CRN of the course(s) they would like to take and use the CRN(s) to enroll in each course online in Badger Web. 

    Course info will be listed here...

  3. Students who are not yet Snow College students, but would like to take concurrent enrollment courses in Summer or Fall 2016, can start the process by applying to be a Snow College student.

Chat with a Concurrent Enrollment Academic Advisor Live!



Need Assistance? Contact the Academic Advisor for your school.

Mike Daniels
(435) 262-9644
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Landon Peterson
(435) 619-9928
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John Van Orman
(435) 690-9401
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  • Juab
  • North Sanpete
  • Bryce Valley
  • Carbon
  • Dugway
  • Emery
  • Escalante
  • Grantsville
  • Lighthouse
  • Manila
  • Merit Academy
  • North Summit
  • Panguitch
  • Rich
  • South Summit
  • Stansbury
  • Tooele
  • Utah Virtual Academy
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  • Delta
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  • Pine View
  • Virgin Valley
  • West Jordan
  • Gunnsion
  • Manti
  • Piute
  • Wayne
  • American Heritage
  • East Hollywood
  • Itineris
  • Kanab
  • Lake Powell School
  • Mana Academy
  • Utah Military Academy
  • Valley
  • Vanguard Academy
  • Weber Innovation



For further questions please contact:

Snow College Concurrent Enrollment
150 College Avenue
Ephraim, UT 84627

Doug Johnson, director
office: (435) 283-7320
cell: (435) 262-7269
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Cathy Beal, IVC  
office: (435) 283-7080
cell:  (435) 851-0461
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Bree Olsen, IVC
office: (435) 283-7381
cell: (435) 262-9661
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Chrissy Ray, registration
office: (435) 283-7142
fax: (435) 283-7149
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