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Honors Committee

The Snow College Honors Committee serves as an ad-hoc advisory committee to the Snow College Honors Program and its director(s). All Snow College faculty and staff are welcome to serve on the committee as voting members.

Co-Directors May 2020-May 2023

  • Jacob Thomas
  • Kellyanne Ure

Honors Committee Roster

As an ad-hoc committee, there is no formal roster. The following are individuals who have regularly attended meetings, though this list is incomplete.

Name Division
David Allred Humanities
Malynda Bjerregaard Fine Arts and Communications
Jonathan Bodrero Natural Science and Mathematics
Sheryl James Bodrero Humanities
English Brooks Humanities
Lindsay Chaney Natural Science and Mathematics
Renee Faatz Natural Science and Mathematics
Kathy Fellers Humanities
Matthew Gowans Humanities
Weston Jamison Social and Behavioral Science
Melanie Jenkins Humanities
Amy Jorgensen Fine Arts and Communications
Rachel Keller Humanities
Adrian Peterson Natural Science and Mathematics
Michael Salitrynski Humanities
Larry Smith Natural Science and Mathematics
Whitney Ward Business and Applied Technologies
Gregory Wright Humanities

Honors Committee Bylaws


“Snow College continues a tradition of excellence, encourages a culture of innovation, and cultivates an atmosphere of engagement to advance students in the achievement of their educational goals” (Mission Statement of Snow College, 2011). The Honors Program enhances this mission by providing students with the opportunities for small classes, taught by exceptional faculty, that encourage vigorous discussion, collaboration, and critical thinking. In addition to classes, the Snow College Honors Program facilitates student travel (such as field trips to significant cultural experiences) and other out-of-class interactions (book clubs, socials, etc.).


Any faculty member committed to the mission of the Honors program may be a voting member of the committee. It is desired to have representation from many different disciplines within each division.


The Snow College Honors Program is led by a director (or two co-directors) who are selected by the Provost in consultation with the Honors committee. The director/co-directors serve(s) a three-year term. With approval of the Provost and Honors committee, the director/co-directors may serve up to two consecutive three-year terms.


Presiding Authority: The Snow College Honors Program director/co-directors shall be the presiding officer(s) at all formal meetings. In the absence of the director (or both co-directors), the meeting shall be adjourned.

Meetings will be held as needed, generally twice a semester.

Meetings are open to all faculty and staff members except during executive sessions.

Any committee member may recommend items for the agenda.