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 Snow College Communications Forensics

Award Winning Forensic Team!!

The Communication Department houses one of the top, national award winning forensic teams in the state, and arguably the nation. This year will be the fourth year since 2002 that an operating forensic team is housed at Snow. The Forensic Program’s mission statement focuses on innovation, engagement, and encouragement. The Snow College Forensic Team mission statement is to provide team members with the opportunity to compose innovative messages for social change, participate in tournaments on a national and international circuit, develop valuable public speaking and critical thinking skills, achieve academic excellence, and engage in conversations centering around diverse ideas and cultures. The Snow College Forensics Team has exceeded all expectations, winning awards at numerous tournaments against competitors from much larger colleges and universities.

The team travels on average 7 times per year to tournaments all around the nation and travels yearly to an international tournament (this year we are going to Paris), where they continue to rival top universities such as Carroll College, Boise State University, Lewis and Clark College, Long Beach University, University of Utah, and more. Director of Forensics, Malynda Bjerregaard is committed to maintaining a strong forensic presence on the circuit by training team members to be individually competitive in all their events.

Most students who participate on the team will compete in a variety of events, including: debate, limited prep, platform, and interpretation events. There are 10 spots on the team each with a $1000.00 scholarship. The team will be hosting ongoing scholarship tryouts for these positions, starting in January 2016 and going until the second week of April. There will be an official scholarship tryout date on Saturday, April 5 from 10:00 am until 12:00 p.m. in Lucy Phillips Building room 204. Anyone interested in participating on forensics is encourages to attend.

If you are interested in competing on the Forensic team, contact Malynda Bjerregaard ( email address for this person) to obtain further information.

Snow's Forensic team meets every Tuesday, 5:30-8:30 in room 204 of the Lucy Phillips Building. See the following syllabus and schedule to check out more specifics about joining the team.

The Forensic Program’s outcomes are as follows:
• Display research skills—students are responsible to find material that supports the thesis of developed speeches.
• Demonstrate logic and critical thinking—students must select and organize material for the preparation of speeches in a way that best supports their thesis.
• Write effectively—students must produce original writing that connects or explains the research they have done in a professional and direct way.
• Learn collaboration and team building skills—the forensic program is comprised of members of a cohesive team, who works together for the good of the entire team as well as for individuals.  The team periodically engages in peer-reviewing speeches, encouraging students to learn how to appropriately give and receive critique.
• Display current events awareness—students often speak directly about issues of current scientific, political, or social interest; they need to have an idea not only of those issues, but the current and historical contexts relevant to those issues.
• Demonstrate competence in basic communication principles—Identify, select and perform literature that is appropriate for a particular audience as well as regularly deliver speeches in front of instructors, fellow students and judges, either in individual or group settings.
• Participate in competition—team members are expected to participate in several intercollegiate competitions throughout the course of the semester and employ appropriate strategies for managing performance anxiety.
•  Display improved abilities in critical listening.

Link to our Facebook Page

Link to Forensic Alumni Facebook Page

Recent Awards 2013-2014

1. September 2013: Twin Falls, ID: 3rd place overall Sweepstakes, 1st place small school Sweepstakes

2. October 2013: Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO: 3rd place Sweepstakes overall; 2nd place IE sweepstakes

3. November 2013: Linfield College, Linfield, OR: 2nd place Division III sweepstakes

4. January 2014: Long Beach Classic, SLC, UT: 2nd place overall IE Sweepstakes

5. February 2014: Western States Classic, Long Beach, CA: 4th place overall Sweepstakes, 2nd place small school Sweepstakes

6. TO BE ANNOUNCED: PI Kappa Delta Regional Nationals, Idaho Falls: ID

7. To BE ANNOUNCED: International Forensic Association Tournament, Paris, France


Recent Awards 2012-2013

1. September 2012: United Air-force Academy, Colorado Springs, C0: 2nd place overall Sweepstake Award for community colleges and universities present; 1st place overall Sweepstake Award in small school entry. (29 schools present)

2. October 2012: Lewis and Clark University, Portland, OR: 3rd place overall Sweepstakes for community colleges and universities present; 1st place overall Sweepstake Award for small school entry. (38 schools present)

3. November 2012: Northwest Trapper Rendezvous, Powell, WY: 1st place Sweepstakes overall for community colleges and universities present. (13 schools present)

4. January 2013: University of Utah Swing, SLC, UT 2nd place Sweepstake overall, 1st place IE Sweepstakes

5. January 2013: Western Washington University, 1st place small school sweeps, 3rd place overall Sweepstakes

6. March 2013: International Forensic Tournament, Antwerp, Belgium, 3rd place tie overall Sweepstakes


Recent Awards 2011-2012

1. September: College of Southern Idaho, Idaho: 1st place overall sweepstakes award for community colleges in attendance and 3rd place overall for all Universities and Colleges in attendance. (12 schools total)

2. November: Linfield College, Oregon (Designated Northwest Tournament): 1st place sweepstakes award for community colleges in attendance and 3rd place overall for all Universities and Colleges in attendance (26 schools total)

3. January: University of Utah Swing, Utah: 2nd place overall sweepstakes award for all Colleges and Universities in attendance, 5th place overall for the swing (29 schools in attendance)

4. International Forensic Association Tournament: Rome, Italy March 7-14, 2012: 3rd place overall sweepstakes awarded for community colleges and universities present and 1st place overall for community colleges in attendance. (17 schools in attendance)


Recent Awards 2010-2011:

1. September: 3rd place overall sweepstakes award for Boise State University tournament (15 schools in attendance)

2. October: 3rd place overall sweepstakes at Oregon designated tournament (31 schools in attendance)

3. December: 2nd place overall sweepstakes award for College of Idaho Tournament

4. January: 2nd place overall sweepstakes award for Northern Arizona University (29 schools in attendance); 3rd place overall sweepstakes award for University of Utah tournament (29 schools in attendance)


Current Forensic Team Members