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Course Syllabus

Course: DANC 1740

Division: Fine Arts, Comm, and New Media
Department: Dance
Title: Latin Ballroom Dance I

Semester Approved: Fall 2017
Five-Year Review Semester: Fall 2022
End Semester: Fall 2023

Catalog Description: Latin Ballroom Dance I is a course for students with no Latin Ballroom Dance experience. Students will learn the beginning (Bronze) level patterns of International Style Rumba, Samba, and Cha Cha. Repeatable for credit.

Semesters Offered: TBA
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1; Lecture: 0; Lab: 2

Justification: Latin Ballroom Dance I provides students an opportunity to commence their studies in International Latin Dance, which includes Cha Cha, Samba, and Rumba. This course teaches correct rhythm, poise, dance positions and forms at the beginning level. This class is most similar to DANC 1720 Latin Ballroom Dance I class at UVU.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Upon completion of this course, students will be able to perform at an intermediate level the dances in the International Style Latin of Ballroom Dance. Students will be able to identify the music, rhythms and origins of the various dances taught, with an emphasis on proper form, technique, poise, footwork, foot positions and correct rhythm for each dance  

These outcomes will be evaluated through instructor feedback, student attendance and participation, practical performance examinations, student attendance and critical review of dance performances and student participation in Social Dance Night. 

The very nature of dance increases physical fitness in many ways: strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Through discussion of correct movement principles and how they apply to dance and all types of movement, journaling and classroom practice students will gain the knowledge that allows exercise safely in all physical endeavors. All dance class students are required to attend and critically review Snow College Dance Performances. This further increases students knowledge of movement and movement's relationship to meaning. Each Latin Ballroom Dance II class will consist of warm-up and practice time, review of the steps or figures previously learned, introduction of new material, practice and application of the new material, and individual practice and cool-down time. Through practice, instructor feedback, and research, students will be able to properly identify and execute the indicated figures for Cha Cha, Samba, Rumba, Paso Doble, and Jive through written and practical evaluations. Students will also learn to verbalize and describe dance movement from the various dances using the proper names and terms associated with those dances.

Key Performance Indicators:
Attendance and participation: 40-50% of final grade.  

Student practical performance examinations: 10-20% of final grade  

Student attendance and critical review of dance performances: 15-30% of final grade  

Participation in Social Dance Night (formerly known as Dance Labs): 15-30% of final grade 







Pedagogy Statement:

Maximum Class Size: 40
Optimum Class Size: 12