Horne School of Music at Snow College

Horne School of Music at Snow College

The Horne School of Music is proud to offer the first 4-year degree in the history of Snow College: a Bachelor of Music degree with an emphasis in Commercial Music. This new degree is unique in the State of Utah because of its emphasis on music industry and entrepreneurship. For more information about the new degree contact the department office at 435-283-7472.

The Horne School of Music will also continue to offer a comprehensive 2-year program of music study leading to either an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. Because of our small class sizes, world-class faculty and facilities and very strong administrative support, our students have unmatched opportunities for both classroom learning and practical application of skills through performance and touring. Students in the Horne School of Music are provided the opportunity to work with some of the world's finest musicians in master classes and workshops.

The Eccles Center for the Performing Arts serves as the home for the School of Music, and is one of the finest performing arts facilities in the state of Utah. We invite you to explore our website for information about our facilities, faculty, programs of study, and scholarships.

The Horne School of Music has been an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Music since 1997, and is also very proud to be an All Steinway School.

Horne School of Music Mission

The Horne School of Music at Snow College supports the mission of the college by:

1. Providing outstanding educational and practical opportunities that prepare Snow College music students for graduation with associate and baccalaureate degrees, and for careers in music and music-related fields.

2. Supporting and assisting students as they transition from school to employment/graduate studies.

3. Providing a variety of musical experiences and opportunities for the study of for non-music majors.

4. Supporting the music faculty in their ongoing quest for more effective methods of teaching.

5. Supporting the creative participation of the Snow College music faculty in their activities in the music industry, including performance, composition and music technology.

6. Enhancing the musical life of the region and of the State of Utah through public performances both on campus and off.

7. Providing educational and musical resources in support of artistic growth for community members, professional partners and others concerned with the study and practice of music.

8. Working cooperatively with other academic programs at Snow College and with other music programs at sister institutions in a supportive and mutually advantageous way.

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