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Course Syllabus

Course: TESL 1998

Division: Humanities
Department: Teach English as Second Lang
Title: First Year Practicum in Teaching English as a Second Language

Semester Approved: Spring 2015
Five-Year Review Semester: Spring 2020
End Semester: Spring 2021

Catalog Description: This course is offered through Cooperative Education. Students in the TESL program are required to work in language instruction in order to earn credit. Students may tutor, work as conversation partners, or work as an assistant with the course instructor. Students make goals, follow a plan to achieve the goals, keep a journal, and write a final report.

Semesters Offered: Spring
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 1-6; Lecture: 0; Lab: 0
Clock/Hour Requirements: 45 hrs = 1 credit

Prerequisites: Concurrent enrollment in TESL 1400 or completion of TESL 1400

Corequisites: Concurrent enrollment in TESL 1400 or completion of TESL 1400

Justification: The purpose of this course is to provide language teachers in training with opportunities to teach and work with English as a second language students. This course is a requirement for the Teaching English as a Second Language emphasis. The AAS is a vocational program and students must have sufficient opportunities to practice what they learn in their courses.

General Education Outcomes:
1: A student who completes the GE curriculum will have a fundamental knowledge of human cultures and the natural world, with particular emphasis on American institutions, the social and behavioral sciences, the physical and life sciences, the humanities, the fine arts and personal wellness.  Students will demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity to various cultural backgrounds as they work with students from other cultures to teach/tutor English.

3: A student who completes the GE curriculum can speak and write effectively and respectfully as a member of the global community, and work effectively as a member of a team. Students will work closely with an employer/supervisor. They must discuss with that person their goals for their practicum experience. Students will, by the nature of their practicum, be involved in a teaching or assistantship position. They must be able to speak concisely and coherently to be successful in their practicum experience. They also will participate in a final interview which will be part of their final grade.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will make and achieve goals as an integral part of the course. Upon successful completion of this course, students will have practice in presenting lessons. They will have experience in developing and teaching their own lesson plans and gain awareness of reflective teaching practices through reflective journaling. 

Students will observe courses, work one-on-one with students, develop lesson plans, present lessons, and reflect on their teaching experiences.

Key Performance Indicators:
At the instructor's discretion, the following criteria will be used for the purpose of assessment:

Hours worked 20-30% 

Goals achieved 20-30% 

Journal 20-30% 

Final paper 20-30% 

Percentages are approximate 






Pedagogy Statement:

Maximum Class Size: 12
Optimum Class Size: 5