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Course Syllabus

Course: TESL 1400

Division: Humanities
Department: Teach English as Second Lang
Title: Language Teaching Methods

Semester Approved: Spring 2018
Five-Year Review Semester: Spring 2023
End Semester: Spring 2024

Catalog Description: Students will gain the tools for language teaching, with a focus on Teaching English as a Second Language. Preparation and presentation of lesson plans is a major focus of this course.

Semesters Offered: Fall, Spring
Credit/Time Requirement: Credit: 3; Lecture: 3; Lab: 0

Prerequisites: Native speaker of English or successful completion of the Snow College ESL requirements.

Justification: Potential language teachers need to develop a repertoire of skills and techniques. It is crucial that practitioners learn the tools and techniques developed to create their own teaching style. This course is an integral part of language teaching programs. It is a core course for the Teaching English as a Second Language emphasis. It is accepted at BYU-H for the TESOL major and most likely transfers as an elective course to other institutions.

Student Learning Outcomes:
Students will be prepared to teach English to non-native speakers. Students will create lesson plans in the 4 skill areas of language teaching and present these plans to one another.

Students will develop a personal philosophy of what makes an excellent teacher.  Through classroom discussion, observation of ESL and foreign language classes, and reflection, students will write a one-page personal teaching philosophy.

Students will study historical and current English language teaching practices.  Through research, discussion, homework, quizzes, tests and writing lesson plans, students will discover the best language teaching practices.

Students will be aware of cultural differences and sensitive to cross-cultural issues.  Students will prepare and present a power point on an aspect of American culture.

The course will introduce students to a Second Language Acquisition Theory, evaluate teaching issues and challenges, and explore how theoretical concepts are translated into empirical issues. The course will provide students with a historical perspective and current techniques of language and teaching methods. Students will create lesson plans and gain practical teaching experience in the language learning classroom and develop a teaching philosophy. Students will learn to use technology to supplement and enrich their classroom.

Key Performance Indicators:
At the instructor?s discretion, the following criteria will be used for the purpose of assessment:

attendance and participation 10 to 15%

homework 15 to 20%

quizzes 15 to 20%

presentations 15 to 25%

tests 20 to 30%

lesson plans 20 to 30%

Representative Text and/or Supplies:
How to Teach English, by Jeremy Harmer, current ed.

Pedagogy Statement:
A variety of activities and strategies will be used in the class so that students learn by experiencing these activities. This course will focus on student creation of lessons and the teacher will share experience from the classroom, as well as, successful classroom activities. High impact practice: this course addresses so much culture between American culture, as well as, students' understanding the cultures of their future students.

Instructional Mediums:


Maximum Class Size: 20
Optimum Class Size: 15