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Deans Datablock

This dashboard presents information on majors, graduates and transfer students organized by specific program of study.  Major information is sourced from Snow College's student information system (Banner) by term and reports the declared major for that term.  Some distinct majors (e.g. Business Technology, Business Administration, Business Marketing) are grouped into a more general major/program of study (i.e. Business Technology) for ease of reporting.  Graduate information comes from Snow College's student information system (Banner) and represents only students who were awarded (AW) the degree for respective graduating classes.  Transfer information represents those students who transferred using data provided by National Student Clearinghouse data. This datablock is updated at the end of each full semester.

Major information can be dynamically filtered by program of study.  Graduate information is also filtered by the graduation major.  The Geographic Location tab provides a map-view location of majors (not graduates or transfers) for the most current academic year (i.e. 17-18).