Institutional Research

Mission: To provide Snow College with relevant internal and external reporting and research in order to sustain and improve Snow College's mission, roles, and goals.

What is Institutional Research?

The Office of Institutional Planning and Research offers an array of data and other decision-making support services to all aspects of the college and external organizations. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the collection, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of institutional data as well as other information to support college planning, decision-making, and marketing.  Specifically, the office has the following four main objectives: 

  • Reports: This office provides Snow College statistical information to federal and state agencies as well as national publication organizations and the general public.
  • Research & Responsiveness: This office supports accreditation, internal ad hoc studies and other research in support of faculty/staff scholarship and institutional improvement. In addition, this office serves as the clearinghouse for IRB (Internal Review Board) requests which are required by any student, faculty, or staff project involving Snow College students and/or student-generated data. Click here to access current surveys.
  • Resources: This office provides statistical resources to the general college population, the higher education process, and the surrounding community (National Clearinghouse, IPEDS, WEBStats, etc.)

The Office of Institutional Planning and Research is willing to help you with your research ideas and or projects, including student projects. To submit a formal request, please use the contact information below:

Office of Institutional Planning & Research
150 East College Avenue
Ephraim, UT 84627
1-435-283-7346 (p)
1-435-283-7304 (f)