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GIS Courses

You can complete a GIS certificate with just six courses in addition to your major program, or as an independant certification. This can be done in as little as a single sixteen week semester and all courses are available online.

One-year Track Suggested Schedule
Fall Semester Spring Semester
GEO 1700 (3 credits) GEO 1820 (3 credits)
GEO 1800 (3 credits) GEO 2850 (3 credits)
GEO 2845 (1 credit) GEO 2900 (3 credits)
Two-year Track Suggested Schedule
Fall Semester - Year 1 Spring Semester - Year 1
GEO 1700 (3 credits) GEO 1820 (3 credits)
GEO 1800 (3 credits) GEO 2850 (3 credits)
Fall Semester - Year 2 Spring Semester - Year 2
GEO 2845 (1 credit) GEO 2900 (3 credits)

GEO 1700 – Fundamentals of GPS and GIS navigation

This is an introductory course covering the basics of GIS software, using a GPS, and navigational skills. You will learn how to read and understand maps, collect data in the field and gain a solid foundation in GIS technology.

GEO 1800 – Interdisciplinary Introduction to GIS

Hands-on experience with current GIS software and technology can aid in a variety of career fields like engineering, geology, law enforcement, business and many others. This course gives a more in-depth approach to the software and skills used in these various careers and allows you to get more experience through service-learning opportunities.

GEO 1820 – Intermediate Geographic Information Systems

This is a data-driven course that involves data acquisition, creating databases and processing information for spatial analysis. This class gives you the opportunity to create real-world solutions using GIS.

GEO 2845 – Drone Operations and Safety Certification

This course will cover material necessary to pass the FAA Part 107 test to receive a small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS) commercial pilot license. It will also overview drone operations and applications.

GEO 2850 – Cartography and Digital Map Making

Learn more about the art and science of creating visually pleasing, yet useful and effective maps using your GIS background from earlier courses.

GEO 2900 – Applied Geographic Information Systems

You choose the focus, you do the research, you interpret the data and you create the final imagery! This course is a semester-long, independent research project using all the of skills acquired in previous GIS courses, and is a perfect way to prepare for a career using this skills you have acquired.