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Division of Social and Behavioral Science

Secondary Education

You are essentially a major of the area of study you plan to teach.  If you want to teach math you are a math major, if you want to teach English you are an English major, etc.  However you will want to take a couple of education classes here at Snow College to get a good feel for what the teaching profession is all about.  We highly recommend all secondary education majors take the following classes.

  • EDUC 1010/1015 Introduction to Education
  • EDUC 2400 Diverse Populations
  • PHIL 2050 Ethics and Values
  • COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication

Other than that you will want to talk with the chair for the department of you major area of study.
Of course I will be happy to help you in any way I can.  Please contact me at email address for this person