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Courtship and Marriage

Division: Social and Behavioral Science

Department: Education and Family Studies

Course: HFST 1400

Title: Courtship and Marriage

Description: This course is designed to help students understand and apply the research and literature which attempts to identify the principles, skills, and theories that help lead to successful marriages and families.

Courses Taught Fall 2021

1400-001MWF8:30 am-9:20 amWallace, Jeff
1400-003TTH2:00 pm-3:15 pmWallace, Jeff
1400-004MWF2:30 pm-4:20 pmDurrance, Stacie R.
1400-107Taught OnlineWallace, Jeff

Courses Taught Spring 2022

1400-001MWF9:30 am-10:20 amWallace, Jeff
1400-002TTH2:00 pm-3:15 pmWallace, Jeff
1400-003TTH8:30 am-10:45 amDurrance, Stacie R.
1400-107Taught OnlineWallace, Jeff