PE 1096 Course

Division: Social and Behavioral Science

Department: Physical Education

Course: PE 1096

Title: Fitness and Wellness

Description: Fitness and Wellness is a course that will help increase student awareness of the need for a lifetime fitness and wellness program. Students will develop programs and participate in activities to help them implement a lifetime commitment to fitness and wellness.

Courses Taught Fall 2019

  • 1096-001MW7:30 am-8:20 amSorenson, Kaycie L.
  • 1096-002TTH12:30 pm-1:20 pmJorgensen, Jan M.
  • 1096-003MW8:30 am-9:20 amMitchell, Andrew B.
  • 1096-004MW9:30 am-10:20 amCruickshank, Benjamin D.
  • 1096-005MW10:30 am-11:20 amRussell, Michael
  • 1096-006TTH10:30 am-11:20 amMitchell, Matthew S.
  • 1096-007MW12:30 pm-1:20 pmWright, Robert
  • 1096-008TTH11:30 am-12:20 pmCruickshank, Benjamin D.
  • 1096-009TTH7:30 am-8:20 amFrench, Charlie P.
  • 1096-010TTH9:30 am-10:20 amRussell, Michael
  • 1096-011TTH8:30 am-9:20 amMitchell, Andrew B.
  • 1096-012TTH8:30 am-9:20 amRussell, Michael
  • 1096-107TAUGHT ONLINERice, Marlo B.
  • 1096-121TTH6:30 pm-7:20 pmGrinsell, Zuleika
  • 1096-200MW10:30 am-11:20 amRobinson, Amy R.

Courses Taught Spring 2020

  • 1096-001MW7:30 am-8:20 amWatson, Roger D.
  • 1096-002MW8:30 am-9:20 amMitchell, Matthew S.
  • 1096-003MW9:30 am-10:20 amMorris, Rachel C.
  • 1096-004MW10:30 am-11:20 amRussell, Michael
  • 1096-006MW12:30 pm-1:20 pmFishback, Nelson
  • 1096-010TTH7:30 am-8:20 amSorenson, Kaycie L.
  • 1096-011TTH8:30 am-9:20 amMitchell, Andrew B.
  • 1096-012TTH8:30 am-9:20 amIvers, Launey
  • 1096-013TTH9:30 am-10:20 amTBA
  • 1096-014TTH10:30 am-11:20 amRussell, Michael
  • 1096-015TTH11:30 am-12:20 pmMitchell, Andrew B.
  • 1096-017TTH12:30 pm-1:20 pmJorgensen, Jan M.
  • 1096-018TTH6:30 pm-7:20 pmFishback, Nelson
  • 1096-109TAUGHT ONLINERice, Marlo B.
  • 1096-200W5:30 pm-8:00 pmRobinson, Amy R.
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