Give Your Badger a Finals Basket!

To the Parent or Guardian of a Snow College Badger, The most stressful week of your Badger’s semester is rapidly approaching. FINALS WEEK is December 12-16, 2016, and it will be here before you know it! Although they are far from home, your student could always use your love and support. The Snow College Ambassadors are putting together FINALS BASKETS! These “baskets” are made up of exclusive Snow College items, made with love, and delivered right to your student’s room or apartment. These baskets are a great way to remind your student that someone back home is rooting for them, and wishing them success on their upcoming exams.

The Finals Baskets this semester will include: a high quality pom-pom beanie, sport water bottle, and a variety of snacks and treats! 

We have sold out for fall 2016!

How to purchase a finals basket for your student:

1. Visit (which is where you are now!) 

2. Complete the On-line Registration Form  

3. Pay for your Order Online or by Phone 

4. Orders and Payments must be completed by December 2, 2016 


When completing the form, please use the purchaser's name and email under Attendee Name and Attendee Email. The number of attending is the number of finals baskets you will be purchasing. 

If you have any questions or need help with the order form, please call 800-848-3399.