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Full-time Student Pass

Free with your current Student One Card (Student ID) *Card must have the current semester sticker on the front. Current Semester stickers may be acquired through the registration office.

Snow College Part-time Student Pass

(Good for full SEMESTER. You must be taking under 12 credits to qualify.)
Individual Pass: $36.00
Couple Pass (Two individuals who share the same household) 

Couple Pass: $60.00

Snow College Student Spouse Pass

(Good for entire SEMESTER) Individual Pass: $36.00 Individual: 18 and over

Individual Pass

Individuals that are 16 and over 

Monthly Pass: $25.00 Yearly Pass: $150.00

Couple Pass

Two individuals who share the same household.

Monthly Pass: $30.00 Yearly Pass: $250.00

Family Pass

Family: A family includes 1-2 adults, and up to 8 kids under age of 26 living in the same household who are immediate family and can be claimed as dependents, as per IRS standards.

Monthly Pass: $40.00 Yearly Pass: $350.00

Punch Passes

10 Visit Punch Pass: $27.00
20 Visit Punch Pass: $50.00
10 Visit Senior Punch Pass: $18.00