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Dance Department

Chair: Dmitri Peskov
Phone: (435)283-7467 

Department Webpage: 

In the dance program at Snow College, we are committed to artistic excellence through fostering an inclusive, supportive and creative learning environment by providing students with an in depth and broad-ranging curriculum with an equal emphasis in ballet, modern, jazz, tap, social dance, hip hop combined with coursework that includes improvisation, performance, pedagogy and somatic practices in yoga and pilates. This broad emphasis of the program makes it unique among other dance departments in Utah and across the United States.

Snow College Dance Department also offers students a year-long company experience in contemporary, ballet and social dance through participation in either the Snow College Dance Ensemble or the Snow College Ballroom Company. In addition, Snow College regularly invites national and international guest artists to teach, explore and create new works on the students. Our dancers are presented with numerous performance and choreographic opportunities including mainstage productions, student produced concerts, collaborations with other university dance programs and regular participation in the American College Dance Conference.

Our mission is to produce unique dance artists while cultivating a healthy lifestyle for our students through the integration of mind, body and spirit. 

Program Student Learning Outcomes:

Program Outcome: Performance 

  • Students will demonstrate technical proficiency, poise and artistic expression in contemporary, ballet or social dance by performing selected choreography in front of a live audience
  • Students will understand the audition and production process of a live performance by actively participating in the selection, creation, implementation and promotion of a dance concert. 

 Program Outcome: Technique

  • Students will demonstrate intermediate to advanced technical ability in western dance forms including modern, ballet and social dance.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of efficient use of effort, space, time and shape.

Program Outcome: Composition/Choreography

  • Students will gain greater knowledge of self by critically evaluating their own movement patterns and habits
  • Students will demonstrate integrity, inventiveness and creativity in the composition of their own movement material.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to critically evaluate aesthetic, social and political choices that are inherent in the dancemaking process

Program Outcome: Collaboration

  • Students will demonstrate interpersonal skills, including the capacity for problem solvingk, conflict resolution and multi-cultural communication within a dance company setting.
  • Students will demonstrate ability to work within a wide range of approaches to movement and movement making.