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Information Technology

Chair: Mike Medley
Phone: (435) 893-2264

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Computer Information Systems covers a broad range of career opportunities. You could be a network administrator, web developer, cloud architect or a computer forensic investigator. Companies large and small need employees skilled in CIS-related specialties, resulting in extensive options for a successful career.

If you like working with information, a database administrator position might be a good career for you. If puzzles or math intrigue you, programming could be a good choice. The beauty of computer information systems is that you can choose your specialty in a demanding career field where there are ample career opportunities to choose from. In Utah the average salary for a Network Administrator is $67,380, a web developer could earn around $50,000 a year, computer programmers earn around $46,000a year, and software engineering averages a competitive salary of $77,558.

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