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Foreign Languages

Chair: Travis Schiffman
Phone: (435) 283-7355

Department's Webpage: 

The foreign languages taught at Snow College are Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean (one semester, online), and Spanish. The study of a foreign language includes the language plus its cultures, civilization, literature, and instruction in effective communication via written and oral modes.

Foreign language majors study the language as a vehicle of personal, academic, and professional expression in a variety of contexts appropriate to the cultures where the language is spoken. They study the people who speak the language, and they investigate attitudes, behaviors, and histories through a variety of media and through interaction with native speakers, or advanced non-native speakers, and texts. Majors also read and write extensively in the foreign language.

Students often combine a foreign language major with a secondary major, thus increasing their career potential.


Students who complete the recommended foreign language curriculum at Snow College achieve the following outcomes:

Interpretive Communication: 

Presentational Communication: 

Interpersonal Communication: 

Cultural Competence: