Division of Business & Applied Technologies

Dean: LaFaun Barnhurst 
Phone: (435)893-2240
Email:  lafaun.barnhurst@snow.edu  

Division Webpage: www.snow.edu/bat 

The Division of Business and Applied Technologies offers a variety of skills-based degrees (AAS and AS). Students can earn certificates for career advancement, as well as stack them to earn two- and four-year degrees. By focusing on relevant, hands-on experiences in a lab, shop, or work environment, students can be job ready in two years or less.  

Departments within Division

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Division's Departments

Allied Health

Chair: Amber Epling
Phone: (435)893-2228
Email: amber.epling@snow.edu

Webpage: www.snow.edu/alliedhealth 
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_ahna 


Chair: Stacee McIff
Phone: (435)283-7566
Email: stacee.mciff@snow.edu

Webpage: www.snow.edu/business 
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_bus 

Construction Technology

Chair: Don Saltzman
Phone: (435)283-7577
Email: don.saltzman@snow.edu

Webpage: www.snow.edu/cm
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_cnst 

Industrial Technology

Chair: Alan Hart
Phone: (435)893-2250
Email: alan.hart@snow.edu

Department Webpage: www.snow.edu/industrialtech 
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_indm 

Information Technology

Chair: Mike Medley
Phone: (435) 893-2264
Email: mike.medley@snow.edu

Department's Webpage: www.snow.edu/cis 
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_itec 

Services Technology

Chair: Teri Mason
Phone: (435) 893-2261
Email: teri.mason@snow.edu

Department's Webpage: www.snow.edu/stec  
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_stec 

Transportation Technology

Chair: Brent Reese
Phone: (435) 893-2215
Email: brent.reese@snow.edu

Department's Webpage: www.snow.edu/trans 
Catalog page: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_trans