Division of Fine Arts, Communications & New Media

Dean: Brad Olsen
Dean Phone: (435)283-7481
Dean Email: brad.olsen@snow.edu

Division Webpage: www.snow.edu/finearts 

Whether you are interested in Dance, Theatre, Visual Arts, Music, Communications, or New Media, Snow College can provide you with unparalleled educational opportunities. Our committed, caring, and exceptionally qualified faculty will help you achieve your educational goals. 

At Snow College, you will join a vibrant learning community of serious artists, dancers, musicians, actors, journalists, and radio personalities with many unique collaborations in the industries. Snow's rural location is an ideal place for you to focus on improving your skills and knowledge. 

The growth you experience here will open many doors for opportunities. If you are serious about gaining a higher education in the fine arts, communications, or new media, expand your horizons by joining Snow College.

Departments within Division

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Chair: Gary Chidester
Phone: (435)283-7425
Email: gary.chidester@snow.edu 

Department Webpage: www.snow.edu/communication 
Catalog Webpage: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_comm 


Chair: Dmitri Peskov
Phone: (435)283-7467 
Email: dmitri.peskov@snow.edu

Department Webpage: www.snow.edu/dance 
Catalog Webpage: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_danc


Chair: Vance Larsen
Phone: (435)283-7465
Email: vance.larsen@snow.edu

Department Webpage: www.snow.edu/music  
Catalog Webpage: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_musc


Chair: Brad Olsen
Phone: (435)283-7481
Email: brad.olsen@snow.edu

Department's Webpage: www.snow.edu/theatre  
Catalog Webpage: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_thea   

Visual Arts

Chair: Adam Larsen
Phone: (435)283-7416
Email: adam.larsen@snow.edu

Department's Webpage: www.snow.edu/art  
Catalog Webpage: www.snow.edu/catalog/dept_art