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Instructor Information

If you are interested in teaching a class through the Snow College Continuing Education program, you have come to the right place! We would love to have you! Every person has something to offer that others are interested in learning. By coming here, you are taking the first step towards bettering the lives of many individuals.

Here are the steps to teaching a class with Snow's Continuing Ed.

Step 1: Teaching Agreement and other forms

If this is your first time as an instructor, including those whose last class was before Fall 2021, please start here. 

If you have taught a class starting Fall 2021 or after, continue to Step 2.

To begin, there is an agreement we make with all instructors. You can find that here. This agreement covers information about policies, procedures, and payments. Please read over this information carefully. When you decide you agree to the terms, you can sign the form and return it to the Continuing Ed (CED) office. This agreement will be signed once and reviewed as necessary. (Any revisions will require resigning the new form).

As stated in the Agreement, instructors will be independent contractors. Snow college will need a completed W-9 form to register the instructor and sign an Independent Contractor (IC) Form at the end of each class session. Please review and fill out the W-9 and include it in forms returned to the CED office. The IC form will be taken care of towards the end of the class.


Step 2: Course Proposal

Each class you want to teach needs to have a Course Proposal form filled out and turned in. This will allow the Continuing Ed office to arrange and schedule classes according to availability of rooms at requested times and review any requested items and help the instructor desires. Each and every class needs a proposal form.


Step 3: Approval

Once the forms are returned and reviewed by the Continuing Ed office, we will send the instructor an Approved Course form. These will need to be signed and returned to the CED office.

All forms, once signed by both the instructor and Snow College, will have a copy given to the instructor and a copy stored in the CED office records.


Step 4: Registration

The classes are now built in the Snow College system. Students can now apply and register for classes!




This is a basic overview of the process. If you have any questions, please contact the Continuing Ed office.


Phone: 435-283-7375


Office: Business Building Room 159 (Main office)