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Welcome to SnowFun Department! We have the best youth conference programs in the state on our beautiful campus or the Great Basin Station (GBS).  Ephraim is home to Snow College located 120 miles South of Salt Lake City, in the beautiful Sanpete Valley. Come join us in the heart of Utah for a great experience!


Youth Conference Programs - June 2 - July 30, 2016
Available Dates:
  • Wednesday June 28-Friday July 1st
  • All Thursday, Friday, and Saturday's in July
  • Most of July Still Available


Mormon Miracle Pageant
  • 2016 PAGEANT DATES SOLD OUT - Except:
    June 24 (2-day/1-night only) Snowball or Works program (75 Beds Available)



2017 Youth Conference dates will be open for group reservations on October 1, 2016.


Watch the SnowFun Video

SnowFun Video


  • Water Cup Pass

    Water Cup Pass

  • Slip and Side Watersports

    Slip and Side Watersports

  • Kick ball

    Kick ball

  • Snow Follies Games

    Snow Follies Games



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