SnowFun Checklist

  • Contact Snow College and mail your deposit of $1,000 for wards or $2,000 for stakes with a request letter to hold dates requested.
  • Meet together with your youth committee to choose a theme. Choose workshop ideas and activities that will support your theme, and/or accomplish your goals. Let your youth create a fun cheer to introduce your group at Kick-Off and before activities.
  • Find and invite devotional/workshop speakers. Please do not ask local speakers unless they are family or know them personally.
  • Decide on and arrange transportation to and from your conference (i.e. Bus or Chaperon drivers). Included in this packet are worksheets for drivers as well as maps (Please be aware that you will be responsible for transportation to and from pageant/ropes course if you are participating in one of those).
  • If you choose, print booklets/agenda for participants or shirts could be done with your theme.
  • Meet with participants to introduce your conference and build enthusiasm as well as informing parents of the dates, locations and conference details (Be sure the parents know they will need to sign a release waiver for their children for the conference or if your group is only participating on the ropes course). Invite as many adult chaperons as needed to accompany your conference. We recommend one adult for each 6-10 youth.
  • Meet with your chaperons to orient them on conference details, as well as the responsibilities and guidelines they need to be aware of. (See suggested list)
  • Customized agendas will be emailed along with other pertinent information the first part of March if not before. Please review & confirm your agenda needs by April 1st with your SnowFun Coordinator.
  • Make sure to send in your guarenteed number (including youth and chaperons and any speakers you are inviting to dinners, etc.) to SnowFun Office by April 1st. We will base your invoice (due in full on or before May 1st) and all of the meal reservations/ preparations as well as housing, and activities on this number.
  • Please advise the SnowFun Office of any special dietary needs any of your participants may have and return the Dietary Consideration Form by May 1st.
  • If you are organizing on a stake level, please make sure to communicate all details to the ward level.
  • Watch for your SnowFun Invoice emailed to you in early April, as final payment is due by May 1st. Any necessary adjustments will be made on your final bill after your conference when your deposit is returned minus any damage fees (if applicable) or adjustments. Deposit returns will be sent to ward bishops or stake presidents within 60 days following your conference.
  • Meet with your youth and chaperons. Please remind them, once again, to bring their own bedding(and water for the ropes course and outdoor activities).   Go over the rules and expected behavior of everyone. Please advise them that any damages to housing or facilities will be billed back to your organization (see the damage fines list for fees).
    • Collect the Waivers/Participation Permission forms, stressing that individuals can only participate/or be on campus if they have turned in a signed waiver. Make sure before leaving home each particpant has their completed and signed Waiver in-hand. At Kick-off, each participant will exchange their waiver for their personal SnowFun wristband, which allows them entry to all events and meals.
    • Assign your youth and chaperons to housing using the template emailed to you, (Most are 6 per apartment/ 2 per room, some are sleep study style, 2 per room). The actual room numbers and keys will be given to you when you check-in to your dorm or apartments with the assistance of your personalized host.

At your assigned time on your agenda, we will have your Host(s) meet you on Snow Campus on the corner of 100 North and 100 East, Ephraim.Look for the sign “This is the Place.” Have the exact number of participants (male, female youth and chaperons) ready to report to your host upon arrival. Your host will have a large envelope to put all of the Participant Permission/Waiver forms in and you will sign for the actual count of your participants. Be ready for participants to hand in the waivers to your host.

Kick-Off Schedule:
11:00 - Groups meet
11:15 - Mandatory group contact meeting
11:30 - Group orientation
12:00 - Lunch (you provide) & Dorm check-in

After Kick-Off/Orientation your host will walk your group to your assigned dorms/apartments to get your rooms and keys. Now relax and enjoy your Youth Conference at Snow College!! 

At check-out you will need to turn the keys back in to your host, who will then check off each key in your presence, as there is a charge ($35-$95 each) for any missing or broken keys.