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Savannah Tate Cuff

Savannah Tate Cuff

Figure Drawing


Instagram: @art.savannahtatecuff

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Course Description

Participants in this figure drawing workshop will develop and strengthen a skill set for drawing the live model. Savannah will guide participants through the figure drawing process with demonstrations and in-depth critiques. The process begins with the “block in”, which aims for a dynamic gesture as well as accurate proportion and shapes. After, we will move into modeling form through understanding of the light source. Basic anatomy, materials, comparative measuring, light and form will be discussed.



Savannah Cuff is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and graduated from Angel Academy of Art in Florence, Italy in 2014. She graduated from Grand Central Atelier in 2018 and is currently a resident artist. Savannah participated in the Hudson River Fellowship, received the La Napoule Art Foundation Residency in France, and is a three time winner of the ARC Scholarship. In 2016, she received first place in the Figure Drawing Competition at Grand Central Atelier.