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Dave Hyams

The Perfect Platinum Print

Spend a week diving into the beautiful and historic platinum palladium photographic process with artist / educator David Hyams, master printer and founding partner of Luminaria, a historic process studio in Salt Lake City. In this workshop you will learn how to make beautiful handmade black and white prints using the noble metals platinum and palladium. The platinum palladium process dates from the 1880’s and is renowned for its delicate and graceful tones and its ultimate stability and ability to create prints of unrivaled permanence. We will create prints from digital negatives in both neutral and warm tone workflows, discuss printing techniques that will both streamline your workflow and save you precious materials and money. This workshop will be a great introduction to the noble processes for first time artists, but will also have lots of information for more experienced print makers. From digital capture and file preparation, digital negatives and paper selection, chemical controls and aesthetic considerations to making sure that every print you make is a treasured work of art!

Dave Hyams


David Hyams is an artist and independent educator based in Salt Lake City, UT. He has been using historical photographic processes and digital negatives to create personal and professional art work for 2 decades. David holds multiple degrees in fine art photography, is the former darkroom and workshop manager at Bostick & Sullivan, and is the co founder of Luminaria SLC. David is a champion of historic process photography, and loves to share his knowledge through teaching workshops, artist collaborations and mentoring emerging and established artists.

Instagram: @luminariaslc